Learning about wine can be challenging. Are you worried about...

✔  The actual recognition of the programs & qualifications?
✔  The credentials and teaching style of the educators?
✔  The quality of wines featured at the tastings?
✔  The level of support you will receive in-class and on-line?

✔  How well you will be prepared for the international exam?
✔  The venue? its location and accessibility?
Use the Chat below to talk to one of the educators directly to discuss what is the right program for you depending on your initial knowledge and learning objectives.
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We help you boost your
Wine & Spirit IQ

Wine and Spirit Education in Bangkok

Taste like a professional
Speak about wine or spirit eloquently
Get an international certification

Here is your Plan to boost your knowledge: 

1. Pick your Program

- Start with the WSET Level 1 or Level 2 and work your way up to the next levels.

- Or focus on France, Italy or Spain with the Wine Scholar Guild

2. Go to Class

- Learn from an expert, a glass in your hand

- Study and prepare for the exam

3. Get Certified

- Receive an internationally recognized qualification 

- Enjoy sharing your knowledge


the WSG programs


As an enthusiast, you will:

- become a better wine taster and a better buyer
- be more confident in picking  wines for particular occasions or meals

- make interesting encounters with like-minded passionate wine learners

- discover wines you did not know you liked

- speak about wine to professionals or friends with ease

- become the "go to" friend in your entourage for wine expertise

- help others make sense of what they drink

- perhaps transform a hobby into a career?

As a professional, you will:

- become more fluent in speaking or writing about wine

- upgrade & validate your existing knowledge

- get an internationally recognized qualification

- arm yourself with the confidence required to boost your career to the next level
- set yourself apart from your peers

- broaden your network by meeting with other professionals and wine lovers

- expand your knowledge of the local wine market

- perhaps plan to open your own wine business?

How you will benefit from these programs


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French Wine Scholar

Italian Wine Scholar




French Wine Scholar
Italian Wine Scholar

Spanish Wine Scholar


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