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What types of wine & spirit events to you organize?

We run relaxed and informal tutored tasting and workshops as well as more challenging qualifying courses for both enthusiasts and professionals looking to boost their wine & spirit IQ


What if I have never been to a wine class before and I don't know much about wine?

You will be fine! Our job is to make you feel comfortable about the wine tasting experience. Classes and workshops are both fun and informative. By the end of it, you'll be much more confident!


Can I join by myself?  who else will be in the class?

We welcome individuals and groups of diverse backgrounds. Typically like-minded people who all share the same thirst (for knowledge) of wine and spirits.


What types of wines do you serve?

We only serve wines that we would like to share with you for a specific purpose. We carefully source them from a variety of importers and distributors in Bangkok.  The retail prices of these wines may range from 900 THB to 3,000 THB.  


How many wines do you serve in a tasting?

We typically serve six wines per session of 2-3 hours. 


Can I buy the wines after class?

We do not sell wines or spirits; however, we can point you to the right direction, should you wish to find the wines you enjoyed at the tasting.


Can you organize a private tasting at my place?

Yes! we would be happy to organize a tutored tasting or a wine game for your company or friends and family. Drop us a line to let us know how you prefer to learn wine.


What is the teaching language?

We offer tutored tasting and workshop in either Thai or English; however, all international qualifying courses & certifications are taught in English only.


If you have any question which is not addressed above, please do contact us here

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