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Wine Crosswords

Updated: Jul 17, 2021


Whether they'd be providing ancient fluvial transportation routes, water for irrigation, morning mist, sunlight reflection, warmth or cool air circulation, rivers and the valleys they carve in the land are so important in viticulture that they often give their names to the wine regions they cross. Can you find the rivers associated with these countries, regions, cities or wines?

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Mountains & Hills

Their altitude may provide cooler temperatures and refreshing descending air. They shelter vineyards from winds and rain-bearing clouds, they provide slopes for better drainage of soils after the rain and their aspect is key to the ripening of grapes... Can you find the mountains & hills that influence the following vineyards?

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Winds are necessary for the pollination of grapes, and as such they are responsible for the many cross-pollinations that gave birth to new grape varieties. They can dry vineyards after the rain and prevent fungal diseases and rot. Their cooling influence is most appreciated in hot climates. Do you know the winds that are important to the regions below?

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