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4 Reasons Why You Should Boost Your Wine IQ

Updated: Nov 6, 2020

Whether you are a wine pro or wine enthusiast, if you’ve clicked on this, you’re probably intrigued… If you are neither an alcoholic nor a teetotaler; if you like hanging out with like-minded epicureans and enjoy interesting conversations; if you look for stimulation of your senses and have an ogre’s appetite for culture, languages, history and travel…. Then read on:

Wine enriches social encounters: Have you ever found yourself in the middle of a wine conversation at a party, at business meetings or in a date and felt somehow inadequate, or unable to contribute to the discussion? The truth is: many social events involve wines and spirits and sooner or later, the conversations turn to wine. A little wine eloquence shows culture and makes you a more interesting person to talk to. Our WSET courses help you speak about wine with confidence.

Tasting wines sharpens your senses: Learning about wines involves the mindful use of your senses of sight, smell and taste. With a little practice, you can quickly deduct the approximate age of a wine and its quality level. With a little more experience, you may even detect a wine's grape variety and its place of origin. Before you know it, you will realize that your senses are getting sharper and your pleasure will intensify with every new bottle.

Light intoxication lifts the spirit! Unlike liquors, which have an average of forty percent alcohol by volume, most wines range from twelve to thirteen percent. When sipped slowly, a wine’s light intoxication dis-inhibits the shy personalities and elevate the spirit without pulling you in complete drunkenness. For thousands of years, light wine was believed to help humans elevate from one level to another and connect with gods and spirits!

Learning wines stimulates your mental agility: Learning about wines is learning languages: French, Italian, Spanish, English, German, Portuguese... It is about understanding the influences of geography, climate, geology on vineyards… it’s about viticulture, and mostly it's about people: the vine growers and winemakers who devote their lives to giving you a little liquid pleasure. Boosting your wine knowledge will make you a more intelligent buyer whether it’d be for work or home. Our upcoming WSET Level 3 Award in Wines covers the key wine regions of the world and our next WSG courses focus on France and Spain.

In conclusion, a little more wine knowledge enriches your life in many ways: It makes you a more interesting person to talk to, sharpens your senses, increases your pleasure without you losing control and finally, it helps you become a smarter buyer. You will forget about medals, other people's scores and manipulative or incompetent salesmanship: Your will trust your own good judgement, always!

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