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Why Thailand is catching the wine fever?

Updated: Nov 6, 2020

Although not a traditional local beverage, the wine culture is growing in Thailand. There are multiple reasons for this; globalization being key to this trend: An increased number of tourists and expats from countries with a wine tradition is at the origin of it. Coming from a culture where wine is part of the meal, these tourists and expats have contributed to the demand. In response, local restaurateurs, hoteliers and retailers have become increasingly creative with their wine lists and importers/ distributors are proposing more and more interesting wines on the market.

Let's not forget the "pioneers", I'm talking about the producers of Thai wines, who despite the challenges of tropical viticulture have been very successful in the production of many styles of wines, often quite delicious.

Today, there has never been so many eating places with a wine theme in Bangkok. Together, restaurateurs, distributors, producers offer frequent wine events for the curious enthusiasts. Young Thai people who travel abroad whether for their studies, business or fun, get exposed to the wine culture and are intrigued... some because they genuinely enjoy the scents and flavors of wines, some because drinking wine fosters human relations, some because it brings theme a sense of social distinction.

For these reasons, there is an increased interest in wine in Thailand. As consumers will become more sophisticated in their choice, knowledge is going to become more and more important. As Steven Spurrier puts it: "the difference between drinking and tasting is paying attention". Wine & Spirit IQ is dedicated to create fun & enriching wine learning experiences for those who are ready to "pay attention"...

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